Any hint to improve soul enchants?

I’ve been having piss poor luck with soul enchants. Besides, campfire, luck dolls, and luck potion what helps improve your chances to enchant?

Don’t use soul gear might be a start :slight_smile:

Everything you’ve listed is what I use. The fail rate on soul enchants tends to outweigh the benefits of using them unless you have nothing else better to do then relevel your gears. I’ve been saying this for years and Zaj’s fix was to make something more expensive and still somewhat impractical, Greater Soul Enchants, yahoo…

I don’t think many/any people bother enchanting past 10 anymore or what ever it is till they start losing enchants… I know I personally haven’t. I’ve seen a soul weapon lose more enchants then it’s gained and the fucking thing is only +18. Most of the high enchanted items are from long ago when people either didn’t lose enchants or literally had nothing else better to do while leveling.

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Yah, it definitely makes high enchanted items harder to come by. Wish it hadn’t changed. I have a +38 Zaj Bow, not many high enchanted items around AH.