Anyone Know About Smellin Procs

Do smellin procs work? I’ve been leveling a smellin and haven’t seen a graphics yet to indicate a proc. I turned soul messages on and nothing was broadcast after ~2 hours of hunting with it. Anyone know if the procs work?

I am not sure why, but no, there do not appear to be any working procs even though they are listed on site. I have leveled 5 of them to level 20, and no procs ever showed up.

My smellin is at 20 also. I’m wondering if Bite is the only one that doesn’t work. Anyone know if Devour, Decay Pot and Impact crater work?

Bite works, just doesnt announce proc. Devour and Decay pot work and announce. My Smellin is 29…so don’t know about impact crater yet. I’ll let you know when it lvls.

Does bite have a graphic for it?

Yes…a yellow ring comes up around the ground around you when it procs.

Thanks. It was easy to see once I knew what to look for. I use firestorm most of the time when hunting and it made it a little difficult to see the graphic.