April Fools. Event?

Was the April fools prize an April fools joke? Seems pretty out of the ordinary to give a donation event / end game item away to someone who won prob the worst event ever imagined.

I saw 2-3 new people on global complain about it and said they are quitting the server to go back to another one.

For those of you who don’t know, the prize was a valakas weapon of the winners choice.

The details for event were posted on the twitter feed and main page for close to a week. Whoever kills the most will get a prize.

No one knew what the prize was exactly, but would we want or expect Zaj to waste our time with a junk prize? I certainly wouldn’t. And I expected it to be something really good.

Anyone with reasonable strength could kill these dragons. So even a middle of the pack player could’ve won this event.

We complain about events not being good enough, that the rewards aren’t good enough. But then he gives a good reward for an event and you complain?

I think the prize was appropriate and we’ll earned. He had over 1,300 collected.

Agree to disagree.

200-300gc to enchant a vala event weapon then 3$ essence anytime you wanna use it.

Collecting 2x more then 2nd place and what was the drop off after that? Another 100-200?

I guess next time there is an event like this, where I would expect a far less prize, I should grind it. I might get an end game item for free.

Yeah I would take events more seriously next time.

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Who won the event? I saw it was a competition for most kills but assumed it would be a promo code type item.

Fawx won the event by a LAAAARGE margin

Good for him - once freedeath turned off I wasn’t risking it

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I made the prize so great for exactly the reason jameson posted. I want events like this to be taken more seriously. Also the amount of work it takes to farm those valakus and the risk involved when being chao almost constantly while hunting on the mainland. A lot of that time with freedeath off. It was risky. Yes a lot more people would take it seriously if they knew the prize from the start. But part of this was also a test to see if random mini events like this would even get attention or demand. The next one, the prize may or may not be so grand, but I’m guessing it will get some more attention.

For those who think that these types of mini games don’t usually have big prizes. Ask the players who have been around for ages. I used to hide some of the best items on the ground randomly on the server for a scavenger hunt. I did this with a Zaj Blade before back when it was the best weapon on the server. I’ve also done it with blessed vala items back when they were at their prime as well.

Anyways, if this makes you upset, I apologize. However Fawx also had no clue he would be winning something so big, yet he still went full force on it as if it were something big. He had around 1300 of the items, the 2nd place person had close to 400.

Congrats Fawx and Good Luck to everyone who participates in the next mini event.

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I would have taken the event more seriously if I had known what the prize was going to be.

Yep, that’s the point, I want you guys to take the events seriously regardless the prize. It used to be that way, that everything I did, you guys trusted was for the best and that all bosses or prizes for everything would be worth it. Hopefully this will lead things back in that direction.