At Skeletons request... sorta

/begin genuflect
Our Sparta, which art in Aden,
Hallowed be thy name,
Thy Kingdom come, Thy shit be done,
In Aden, as it is in, well, the rest of the Server (I guess)…
Give us this day our daily Super Brave,
And forgive us our Trespasses,
As we random tele to scoot the hell away from those that trespass against us,
For thine is the Castle (Aden)
The Power (a shit-load more than I have)
And the Experience (19,854 as I write this)
For ever and ever (well, I certainly don’t see it changing anyway…)
/end genuflect

So there you go, fuck it, the folks that get pissed with you folks already have my dumb ass on their KOS list… whatafuck… it’s just a game after all…

Not too bad. We can anticipate the inane responses, from the “not really” to the more vicious. If only the last sentence were true to the entity in question ( and similar lurid entities ). Amen