Banned Auction - 1/24/2015

Time for everyone’s favorite auction special! A chance to use gift coins, vitality coins and adena to bid on items legitimately earned by the people who are no longer allowed to play this server for one reason or another. The gift coins earned from this auction will go into a prize pool for future contests and events, meaning it will go back into the server’s economy!

This year to make the list of items that will go up for auction I’m gonna let you guys vote on them. I’ve added items to a reddit clone that will allow you guys to upvote and downvote the different items available.

How to vote:

  1. Goto
  2. Make an account and login
  3. Click the up arrow on the items in the Auctions SubReddit that you want to see auctioned off
  4. Click the down arrow on the items in the Auctions SubReddit that you do not want to see auctioned off

Ultimately the final decision of what goes into the auction will be up to me, but with this method you guys will help me know what items you really want to try to bid on.

Auction Time
The auction will happen around 7PM EST on Saturday, January 24 and will last several hours.

Other notes
The actual auction takes place in teamspeak, so be sure to download that and be ready to connect before the scheduled time.

All Giftcoins contributed from auction bids will be placed into a pool used for upcoming contests and events. The first of which will begin in February!