Banned Auction - Scheduled for Sunday, May 25th

We’ll be having a banned items auction May 25th, 2014. This Sunday. It will take place between 7:30-9:00 PM EST

Banned auctions are auctions of items that were earned legitimately at one point but were left on accounts that the players were banned and will not be allowed back.

There are many items that will be up for auction including at least 1 Zaj blade, many pieces of zaj gear, assorted boss jewels and possibly several other things. These sorts of events usually go best with players being excited and competing with bids.

Its also advisable to have teamspeak installed and configured to be ready for this event.

Good Luck,
Have Fun!

Planned Auction List

These auctions are for gift coins.

Power Doll Group:

  1. Power Doll: Princess
  2. Power Doll: Bugbear
  3. Power Doll: Ninja
  4. Power Doll: Ramia

Zaj Set Group:

  1. Zajako’s Epic Book of Ideas [S80]
  2. Zajako’s Epic Boots [S80]
  3. Zajako’s Epic Cloak [S80]
  4. Zajako’s Epic Gloves [S80]
  5. Zajako’s Epic Shirt [S80]
  6. Zajako’s Epic Body Armor [S80]
  7. Zajako’s Epic Helm [S80]
  8. Zajako’s Epic Shield [S80]
  9. Zajako’s Belt [S]

Halloween Group:

  1. Haunting Staff
  2. Evil Pumpkin Sword
  3. Evil Pumpkin Suit

Single Item: Zajako’s Soul Blade [S80]

Single Item: Zajako’s Epic Crossbow [S80]

With interest there may be several more auctions that are not planned. These will be decided after the above auctions are finished. There may also be a few adena/vit coin auctions.

It is preferred that you have gift coins ready before the auctions begin, however with some of the high valued bids it is understandable for some to bid giftcoins they don’t have yet if they are able to donate and obtain the gift coins within an hour of the auction’s end.

The auction was a great success! Lots of fun was had and congrats to the winning bidders!

Were there any listings of what the Banned Items went for? I was unable to be online for any of the auction and am curious what people ended up paying.

No I didn’t post a listing however if people who were there wanna update this topic with what things went for, that is fine with me.