Battle Grounds Combat System (aka the new pvp system)

First off, this thread is very subject to change and will often be out of date (or incomplete) as I will not likely update it every time I change something. I will however try. I just want to make sure that the general information is out there so that you guys are able to plan for it and know what to expect. Maybe even devise some strategies early on. With that said, onto the info.

General Details

This system will only be applied to specific zones. Currently the only zone it is applied to is Talking Island, however there are plans to change this, but not for all zones.

The current plan is to have all NORMAL OPEN WORLD (non event) hunting zones use the normal gear based pvp system with minimal to no change. This includes the Underworld and Mainlands and pretty much all current zones.

When this system is released and balanced enough to move forward with it, it will then be applied to siege grounds ( at that point siege rewards will also be greatly increased ).

At this point, I’ll be planning to add more zones for this BGC system that are specifically designed to be fun/interesting. Like pvp with a purpose mini games, and PvPvE type systems as well.

Base Stats Based Combat

The core of this system is that it negates nearly all skills/spells/buffs/gear/stats/advantages that your normal character has and relies instead on base stats to factor and form the sub stats used for your character. Currently the max you can get a single base stat is 50. At most you can get 3 skills to 50. This severely limits the current max stats for any pvp. Additionally the stat difference when finished should ensure that player skill or player count overpowers stats.

The current formulas for the sub stats are below (again these are subject to change):

// Base Con to increase _maxCP, _regenCp, _defence
_maxCP = (Math.log(0.15 * _pc.getBaseCon()) * 55) + 10;
_regenCp = (Math.log(0.13 * _pc.getBaseCon()) * 3) + 1;
_defence = (Math.log(0.15 * _pc.getBaseCon()) * 6) + 1;

// Base Str to increase _minAtk, _maxAtk ( until magic is enabled, use int if higher )
if(_pc.getBaseStr() >= _pc.getBaseInt())
	_minAtk = (Math.log(0.07 * _pc.getBaseStr()) * 5) + 1;
	_maxAtk = (Math.log(0.15 * _pc.getBaseStr()) * 10) + 3;
	_minAtk = (Math.log(0.07 * _pc.getBaseInt()) * 5) + 1;
	_maxAtk = (Math.log(0.15 * _pc.getBaseInt()) * 10) + 3;

// use BaseDex to increase _hitRate, _dodgeRate
_hitRate = (Math.log(0.25 * _pc.getBaseDex()) * 28) + 10;
_dodgeRate = (Math.log(0.15 * _pc.getBaseDex()) * 10) + 3;

// use BaseCha to increase _critRate, _magicCritRate
_critRate = (Math.log(0.08 * _pc.getBaseCha()) * 9);

BGC Gear

There are 4 planned slots dedicated for the new pvp system. They are as follows:

  • Crests (used to assign your current Combat Class)
  • Pauldrons ( 2 slots, one for each shoulder )
  • Clan Medals ( New slot that isn’t released yet )

In addition, some jewels will apply effects to the BGC system and formulas.

Combat Classes and Crests

Each crest when equipped assigns a combat class. This combat class will limit what spells/abilities work for your class as well as effect other things. They also each have their own strengths and weaknesses. As of writing this, none of these crests have any effect, however very soon the first batch shall be released. Crests will get stronger as they are leveled up, which will be done by killing enemy players and doing clan raids, sieges and events. When more combat classes are released, the strengths and weaknesses will likely be adjusted or rewritten completely.

[floatl][/floatl] Warrior (ATK)
Weak VS: HLR
Strong VS: TNK
This combat class is gained by equipping the Warrior’s Crest or Valakas’s Crest. It focuses on Physical damage and level ups increase the physical damage applied toward combat points. This includes both range and melee physical damage.

[floatl][/floatl] Protector (HLR)
Weak VS: CRT
Strong VS: ATK
This combat class is gained by equipping the Protector’s Crest or Fafurion’s Crest. This class increases the amount of Combat points healed by potions and spells that effect combat points. When magic is enabled it will allow the use of heal spells to heal combat points as well. Currently, until magic is applied, it will share heals using combat potions with nearby party members. This effect won’t be needed afterward as magic has party heals and targeted heals.

[floatl][/floatl] Defender (TNK)
Weak VS: ATK
Strong VS: CRT
This combat class is gained by equipping the Defender’s Crest or Antharas’ Crest. This class focuses on survival and boosts defense and combat points stats.

[floatl][/floatl] Assassin (CRT)
Weak VS: TNK
Strong VS: HLR
This combat class is gained by equipping the Assassin’s Crest or Lindvior’s Crest. This class focuses on critical damage and dodge rate, forsaking most other stats, with the goal of taking out their opponent quickly even if they don’t make it out alive.

Combat Items

[floatl][/floatl] Lesser Combat Potion - These potions heal for 30 combat points with a delay of 1.5 seconds for each use.

[floatl][/floatl] Combat Potion - These potions heal for 100 combat points with a delay of 2 seconds for each use.

[floatl][/floatl] Greater Combat Potion - These potions heal for 300 combat points with a delay of 3 seconds for each use.

Combat Element

Combat Element is another way to increase damage using this system. If you have any element and your target has no element, then you gain an additional 50% damage against them. If your target has the weakness to your element, your damage is increased by 100%. Otherwise the damage is unchanged.

There are currently 4 elements, which are currently gained by equipping one of the 4 Love Jewels obtained in the 2020 Valentine’s day event. These jewels are as follows, Maphr’s Love (Earth Element), Eva’s Love (Water Element), Sayha’s Love (Wind Element), Paa’grio’s Love (Fire Element).

The weaknesses are:

  • Earth is weak to Wind,
  • Water is weak to Earth,
  • Wind is Weak to Fire,
  • Fire is Weak to Water

Misc Notes

Here is the currently planned class list with crests:

Change Log

3-6-20 - Initial post with many details, but far from complete.
3-13-20 - Added elements to the post