Beta Known Issues

Known issues will be posted here after i’ve confirmed them.

Equipment Issues
Ring slot only shows one ring in use even though it lets you equip 2
Jewels are all using the same slot
Many items are showing up as blessed or buggy coloring like they are blessed

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Bug with map of aden crashing the game when double clicked

I like the presentation and the new look, but, you need to make it so the client can change the size of the window. At my current res the window it is way too small. It is tough to see what is going on. If I change the res, all my other apps are huge and tough to read. I do not want to change res settings every time I play.

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you can press alt + F2 to change the window size or Alt + Enter to go full screen.

I’ve dug through the korean option files and found some links to put in the options to do this for you as well.

the map bug will be fixed with the next time i restart the test server

is test server down?

No. I was able to log in just fine.

TOI 1f (-warp 9), Orc Merchant Dranoc: Only can buy 20 shots at a time. Only exception is NG soul shots, can buy 999 of those.

Dungeons, caves, etc. are very bright. Are they going to stay like that or will they be back to normal when it goes live?

I could not use tripple arrow in lv80 poly morph at all, anywhere.

this might be a client side limitation to the skill.

Zoning into TOI Floor 86 puts you in a wall and cannot get out unless you teleport out…also unable to get to the next floor either stairs do not work.

Stairs from TOI 76 (32795,32802) to 77 not working.

Also, stairs from TOI 86 to 87 still put you in a wall on 87 (32724,32797). can’t do anything but escape to get out. Please fix.

TOI 86 is fixed, it won’t be an issue after the server restarts

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Zajako, what client version is this? 3.63 or 3.8?

This is 3.80c, why do you ask?

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