BG server questions

So from what I know its all almost back to basics kinda sorta… I know its not up and running 100% yet…

  1. now with being an water elf in lets say the pve server, can I be a fire elf in pvp server and will it affect my water in pve?

  2. are crack dk allowed in the bg server? if so will elves be able to get a increased haste poly? not dk, I know bows are allowed in the dk poly but I can not triple arrow as that is one of the main dps spells for a dex elf… I like to stick and move on deez hoes… can the dark elf poly be cracked like crack dk? kind of unfair to have a melee cracked and not a bow user cracked only because of one if I were to go DE poly I lose the haste and theres not point of just boxing straight up might as well be crack dk, and if I go crack dk with bow then I lose dps spell…

3)if you are a reaper in pve server will your pvp class turn reaper? say I want to T up a knight can I be reaper knight in pvp?

  1. believing max lvl is 50, do we have the special zajako items? such as s80 gear, weapons, buffs… I know we have to hunt back for gear and grab some noob shit but can we grind for the s80 items? do grades still apply in pvp server? such as b grade a grade?

  2. if anybody want in on Supreme pledge hmu peace and <3 Chukie

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If you are reaper you go back to base class on BG

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Thanks for posting the questions here for me, I’ll do my best to answer things clearly, just know some things are not finalized yet.

  1. The short answer is your Elf element line will be the same as your live server line. I may expand T5 elf class to have a 2nd line in which case the bg server you’d still have 2 lines. Although I do see the purpose of having different lines as with battlegrounds you may want more pvp specific buffs. I am still considering wether or not you have the spells pre-learned on the bg server on release or you have to earn spellbooks to use them. If I go the route of learning all spells on bg to use them, then I may allow changing of elven line for the bg server specifically too.

  2. Most Battleground events will be No-CDK. I’m hoping the action from the pvpve will make it so that CDK is not needed to keep the adrenaline flowing. There may be some events that do allow cdk however.

  3. When logging into a battlegrounds character, you will always be your original / main class.

  4. Battlegrounds server the level is 55 currently, however I’m probably gonna switch it back to 50. I switched it to 55 so that we could enter the pvp arena at -arena for the demo. All clan gear (the gear worn in battlegrounds) will be what is usuable in battlegrounds. Meaning live gear like the zajako gears and s80 gears will not be usable or obtainable on a BG char. Another thing I’m considering doing is adding levels for each tier, so like a T5 person would be level 55 on battlegrounds.

If anyone else has any more questions for battlegrounds please reply in this thread and I’ll try to reply as often as I can.