Blessed angry bunny doll

Hey zaj, you cannot walk though the blessed angry bunny doll. Don’t know about the regular one though. That is all.

I noticed that with the angry bunny doll and could not fight some monsters hitting me because my bunny buddy in way Lol and I wanted a blessed one but never got it sadly lol I plussed this regular bunny yet I do not notice anything it does or what it does. If someone knows please respond. As well mystery with another doll I purchased a lich doll and loved it. Then one day it vanished. I tried to contact Mr zajako but the script thing does not allow me to make ticket it seems. So if anyone knows is this a bug? I never lost a doll all these years and did not know you could. I don’t want to buy another one, they are expensive now and I wish I could find out if bug or at least can you loose dolls? And if so how can you prevent that?

Your best bet is to contact Zajako on Discord. I’m not sure why the submitting tickets doesn’t work anymore. I believe the stats of the bunny doll are on the forums somewhere.

I have no idea what they do