Blocking Mysterious Chest house

Why are people being pricks and blocking the entrance to get into the Mysterious Chest house in -shop?

I mean really?!? Standing in the entrance or blocking with dolls is a dick move.

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Well there is a way to kill them in -shop if you need :wink:

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I also agree with this! People that block that door should go to hell and die there!

Another thing… why does that damn chest take so long to close and reset itself? Can that time be changed to like 3 seconds? Seems VERY unnecessary at the time it’s currently at.

Make a list of the dolls that you are not able to walk through. I’ll add them to the doll list that allows walkthrough on them.

As for the delay, its for effect :open_mouth:

Pause for dramatic effect while I collect my 13 adena, such wow much excitement :stuck_out_tongue:

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