Bloods for Fluids

I think the drop rates for Imperial Temple bosses may be a bit off. The database says 20% for each of the bosses. However, there seems to be a an excess bloods for Atum Ra (huge) and Ymir and Odin (Odin not that much but a bit) and shortages of Fenrir, Helios and Gafadon. If the database were correct then statistics would indicate that it would even out over time but it has been like this for years but not as noticeable until now. Right now the problem is exacerbated because of all the people, new and established player, trying to get all stats to 31. Would it be possible to check the drop rates and make adjustments if needed. Evening out the blood drops at 20%, if that is the issue, would help to even out the distribution of bloods and perhaps bring the cost down a bit for the rare bloods.

I don’t even think they are 20% at all. cleared 3 back to back spawns (18 kills) without a single blood. i killed helios about 10+ times before getting his blood. had multiples of others up to 4. considering how many bloods you need for max stats and considering everyone needs bloods unless you have finished stats i really think the drop rate needs to be fixed.

What the database says is directly from what the game uses. If the Library says its 20%, it is. However, 20% doesn’t mean 1/5 will drop it. Its still a random chance.