Boats and Hoooo...rrors?

Last night the server restarted to release a slew of bug fixes, a new spawning system for nightmare land, some changes for the beta zone that is in development and of course the an update for the boat system.

Boat System Update
As many people know, the Captains of the boats that take you around to the islands have been on vacation for a while. Now it wasn’t entirely their fault they were lost at sea, as time actually went in reverse for them. Quite literally actually. Their clocks were reading -12:00 when it was 12:00 due to the time variable outgrowing their integer size amount and going negative much like the old adena bug that was fixed a couple weeks ago. But fixing the time bug was not enough, I wanted to make the boat system better while I was at it. A bit more convenient.
Gone are the days of clicking back and forth to get on the boat until it lets you in, you can now simply double click the ticket when you are close to the docks and it will teleport you right into the boat when it is there. Now if you are not near the docks or if the boat is not yet there, it will instead show you the schedule for the boats so you can see when you need to be there. Pretty Handy Huh.

Elite Spawn System
To demonstrate the coming elite system that is being added to the game for some future more challenging zones, I have unleashed it onto the nightmare land map to replace the old elite system that was temporarily done as a test. To show that a mob is modified by the elite system they obtain a title to reflect the difference of their original tier. Meaning a tier 3 that gets 3 bonus tiers is T6 but is titled as Deranged. Here are the current titles (subject to change) and what they mean:

  • Dying (will be changed to sickly): -9 tier difference
  • Crippled: -7 tier difference
  • Injured: -5 tier difference
  • Weakened: -3 tier difference
  • Trained: +1 tier difference
  • Enraged: +2 tier difference
  • Deranged: +3 tier difference
  • Elite: +4 tier difference
  • Insane: +5 tier difference
  • Captain: +6 tier difference
  • General: +7 tier difference
  • Powerful: +8 tier difference
  • Impossible: +9 tier difference

Each mob tier either gives or takes DR and Damage amounts by percentages. These changes are based on the actual tier of the mob and not the difference like the titles. Here is a summary of the effects of the multipliers, it does not show each tier and its change, just a range from tier -10 to tier 10. These are multipliers meaning 100% is no change to damage. 5% means their damage is reduced to 5% of their original damage, not increased by 5%.

Physical Damage: 5% - 350%
Magical Damage: 10% - 200%
Incoming Damage: 140% - 50% (less means less damaged received)
Effective Level (for magic): -50 - +250

I know a lot of this information is a bit mathy and some may have a hard time understanding what it all means. So just know that higher tier monsters are tougher and the titles help let you know to be more careful or that the monster should be a bit easier.

Good Luck,
Have Fun,
[GM] Zajako