Brain storming new boss ideas

Been talking with another player for new ideas of bosses n stuff. Would love to see a new boss that takes team work not just click n mash. Maybe a boss that requires t5 skills to be doable maybe. Cause what’s the point of gearing up if nothing to change the best of the best. Possible boss idea is a boss that requires actual tanking. By a knight or a mage with vt. While a archer smashed it from afar. Takes mass ele damage to make mages wanna use coc and erupt on it. And have a illusionst buffing us and healing. The boss can only be challenged by a party. With say a 10-20 room timer. Promoting team play not just solo greed. Locking all other players out untill the boss is dead or timer is out. But have it watchable like DM so people can watch you kill this epic boss. Make it haste and have procs or something. Possible drop ideas is a item that is boosted when in party with another person with same item thus promoting more party hunting. And class only gear that buffs t5 skills maybe? Cheers. Would like everyone to also post possible ideas. So zaj has alot to play with for the next big thing.

Maybe a buffed wedding band that has buffed stats and will portal you to the other no matter where they are…maybe buffs like sky castle after boss is dead. With maybe a sxp and exp buff too. Also if possible have the screen on record and linked to site so people can watch replys of people killing or trying to

Awesome ideas! There was talks about the skeleton boss fight, I vote for calling it thepapi. Or the real Lindivor fight or the jungle zone with 2 snakes fight or the desert worm fight or the new girtas fight. I can go on and on.

Girtas could be cool aha

I would propose a zone based on tiers maybe as simple as how sky castle is with a mid sized map like singing island so that party hunts may interact together or team up for some bosses on the island or map, then have an instance cave or something on the island where you have like 1 hour, must have however many players of the same tier in your group and proceed to fight through hard mobs(for your tier group) to reach the main boss. It would be awesome to see a whole team work oriented zone that would require some major tanking/dmg/heal chars working together. I could go on and on too… it would be a good chance to implement items not only for crazy geared t4/t5 but also for newer people party hunting to aim for some reasonable items for them to use or look forward to to help keep them interested and bring the community together.

ps. the idea of bosses/mobs having major procs/spells is pretty cool. the boss having cancel/poly or something would add to challenge :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Cocky prick has poly and its the most annoying thing i n game I swear