Bug posted by Allison

CTRL + V : Environment Settings
-Moving HP bar won’t close/toggle off
-Battle Music Toggle when clicked on it toggles on/off but also makes menu bar scroll to the top

Step1: Summon Scare Crow Dolls (not sure if other dolls produce this bug, i only have crows)
Step 2: Hunt for any amount of time
Step 3: Restart Game

Log back into same character and game rolls itself back.
Still get sxp and maybe exp (can’t tell cuz 1% at my lvl takes forever)

Character rolls back to old polymorph and in old area character was at prior to hunting
Not sure how long it rolls back

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Hi Allison, I had the same thing happen to me. Was on Dream Island in CDK morph, had mia dolls out. Went to restart game (to get off DI) & restarted in SKT4 with no morph or buffs. Prior to going to DI i was in SKT4 checking boss.

I did still have the items from DI, just no morph/buffs & in the wrong spot upon restart.

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