Bugs bought to you by UMF

For people who can’t play the L15 Beta testing server, please check your resolution. My resolution was 1920x1080. Under this resolution, I couldn’t run the game. I have to adjust the resolution down (1600x900) in order to run this test server.

My previous error was “CreateSurface Failed!!”

Aden Hero Chest:

If you put 3k+ Aden Hero Chest on a hotKey, it will show you have 99999 Aden Hero Chest on that hotkey…After you opened 600 or 700 Aden Hero Chest, the item will disappear from the hotkey and you have to put the item back to hotkey to open it again.

No icon for Topaz LVL 1 and if you dissolve it, game crash

Couldn’t verify it crashing from disolving the jewel. I disolved many of them and still didn’t crash. Your crash must be related to something else.

Bug with hotkeys is fixed.

Missing Icon Bug fixed