Bugs posted by Breeze

I can log into all char’s on my account except Breeze. It crashes every time I try to log in.

When selling items to Pandora: Selling multiples of different items cause the left arrow for the item to stop working. When this happened I noticed that you could add more items than in your inventory with the right arrow. Closing and re-opening the dialog box seemed to take care of it.

Autocast stuck on, would keep trying to target spells even after turned of and could not hit mobs with equipped weapon. Had to restart char to reset autocast.

Experienced random crashes walking through DV.

I’ve fixed your character Breeze, it was somehow bugged due to something with the clan you were in. By removing you from that clan, it fixed your character.

I noticed. Thx and much appreciated.

Does that mean I will have to leave the clan when the new client goes live? That would suck because our prince has been MIA for a while.

No, it shouldn’t. If it does, I can manually put you back in the clan if it comes to that.

It is most likely due to a problem with the backup that was used from months ago.

Can’t log onto live server with Breeze. Maybe same issue as before? Could you please fix and put me back in clan?