Bugs since last restart

Not sure if just it’s me but dimensional chests don’t work when you’re in the spawn zone. I keep getting a message that you can’t tele there. I have to get out before I can use another chest. It’s a royal pain

Plus, -aoe command now resets with each time you log on. You have to use it every time you log if you want it off. I could have sworn it was permanent once you used it. Not sure though since it’s been a while since I last used it.

Also, blessing of love timer may be acting weird. One time when I was on a spirit frag, the message came up after ~30 seconds that it wore off and I was taking more damage and doing very little. Had to use another scroll. Another time it seemed like it lasted for several minutes (based on damage done and taken with greater minions) and never saw the message saying it wore off. Very weird.

Zaj is aware of the dimensional chest one & last I heard, he had fixed it. It will go in with the next restart I believe.

Dont think that -aoe was ever permanent but I could be wrong.

Hadnt heard about -love having an issue, seems to be ok for me at the moment.


Fodder is correct about the dim chest bug, it will be fixed with the next restart.

-aoe was never permanent as well.

the -love thing may have been a temporary glitch, is it still being an issue?

Seems to be fine. Must have been a temporary glitch.