Can not log on to my main character

For some reasons, I can not log onto my main character. I can see the character selection screen, but once I click in the client will crash. But it works for my rest characters created, just not the main one. Does anyone experience the same thing before?

I’ve had that happen where there is a broken Sprite on the screen that causes your guy to crash. Try taking another character to where your main is to see if it happens. Zajako may need to move your character.

Same thing happening to me now, main char just crashes. Reinstalled / repaired everything but still no luck. Whenever you see this please move my character zaj - Armydude. I got dced in the -shop area sometime last night.

I’ve had it happening too, I talked with zaj yesterday about it and something is wrong with our clan he thinks. Idk why. Can you get on any others characters in your account? It started with Allison and unholy for me then late last night it was my entire account. I restarted computer and that helped for a little bit, but then right before I logged off all my guys got bugged up again. So I just turned off comp for the night.

We’ll see how it goes this morning.

On a side note swing lag for me is terrible. I’ve never had it before until server moved.

I was ok to log on this evening. Not sure what happened.