Cannot Login Due To Client Window Size

I downloaded the most recent version and followed the steps according to the “Connect Guide”. Once I select the L1.5 server, the game initiates; however, the size of the client window makes it so that I cannot see the login fields. Advice?

Download this file: Default Configs

Extract it and place the 4 files inside into your L1.5 game install directory or folder.

Then run Login.exe and it should put it in full screen.

Please let me know if this fixed the issue for you!

Thank you for the expeditious response! I ended up hooking my laptop up to my tv, and I was able to see just enough to be able to login, create a character, and change the display settings to full screen once I was in the game. I will save this thread for future reference in case somebody else experiences the same problem I was. Also, I am enjoying the game very much so far, and the community is friendly and helpful. Thank you for all of your hard work.

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