Cant get above 91 Fl TOI

Zaj please can we have the badge back in the game for TOI above 90th Floor please I was so disappointed I got up to 90 ended Lich but couldn’t go no further

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It would be nice for all those people who’ve wanted to kill Grim Reaper have never been able to. I’ve asked for this TOI badge for years. Either just put in a tele npc on 90f to get to 91f, or get the badge back.

I don’t really care that there are no monsters on 91-100f just the Grim Reaper, I just want to kill bosses xD

It’s still available from zaj boxes from anniversary event… that’s where I got mine

That would be great if Zaj boxes were something that more then 1-2 (max) are even made per year. With the off chance of getting that 91f charm.

The drops from GR mean nothing to me, I just want to kill a boss that I haven’t before.

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Making some of these bosses in TOI to be epic would be pretty cool.

I’ll try to focus on adding a slew of new bosses in the coming weeks.