Celebration for the new addition to the Zajako Family!

Friday June 24th my new son was born as a surprise home birth (we were intending to goto the hospital but he had other plans). His name is Lucas Alexander.

To celebrate this birth we have added Luke’s Magical Doll to the game. You can obtain it for 200 gift coins via the Event Items Ives npc in -shop.

This doll has the following Effects when summoned:

  • +2 INT
  • +3 STR
  • +2 CON
  • +2 WIS
  • +2 CHA
  • +3 DEX
  • Chance to proc hearts EXP boost
  • Boosts EXP gains by 2%
  • Boosts SXP gains by 10%
  • Boosts Adena gains by 5%
  • Boosts Luck

Congratulations Zaj. Happy to see your happy family growing!


Congrats Zaj! What a great head of hair he has already!


Congrats Brother! I knew you had a boy in ya!