Clan Management Modification

It would be nice to be able to see the last time a member has logged in. That will help with managing clan space if someone hasn’t been online in a while.

The current Clan Log only shows one page, but if on the member page, or somewhere, it could show last login, that would be helpful.

Great idea! I have added a column for LastLogin, this doesn’t reflect the last time they were online, however it will show the last time they opened the game and logged into their account. If they are online then you can tell how long they have been logged in. I may change this field at some point to update when they log out or exit the game so that way it is more usefull. It would be then considered Last Seen Online.

Also clan log updates to make it searchable and multi paged will come when I have more time to work on that stuff.

Thanks so much! Awesome.