Clicked gears always shows up at the bottom of inventory after relog in

Does your clicked gears shows up at the bottom of inventory after relog in.?

I found it very annoying that I have to rearrange my stuff every time I log in after change gears and jewls.

Is this a bug or intended?

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I’ve never heard of this happening. If its a bug though it is a client side bug, one that there is really not much I could do anything about.

yeah It does happen quite often, mostly when you restart or log out when you have just equipped an item very recently.

Or if.a piece of gear levels up in the time before you disconnect.

it happens each time you crash

This is a constant occurrence. Usually it happens to me when i change characters after moving stuff around in inventory then log off. When I log back into the game, the inventory is all jacked up. It’s been doing that for a long long time, years.