Client v4 Live Bugs

  1. Wis pot counter is whacked out. Sometimes shows ~12K.
  2. Auto Target - Sometimes it stops when mob gets directly on top of you. Have to right click to deselect target then move and reselect target. Seems to happen a lot with Jello Shots and some of the new mobs in event instance.
  3. Teleport widow is not saving changes when you restart.
  4. Can’t use /shop command at -shop zone. Says you can’t use it there.
  5. Solvents not working on ancient jewels. Says they are not jewels.
  6. Cannot delete multiple items from inventory window. Have to delete one at a time or drop on ground. Now and then you can delete two or three if they are on the same line. At times you can’t delete an item at all and have to drop on ground.

In reference to item 2 - You can now be superimposed on top (or beneath) a mob. Is this part of the update or a bug?

Forgot to mention another thing. Downloaded installer using link on site. Decompressed using WinRAR and ran it. The installer ran all night, was still running this morning (~8 hr) and did not finish. Have to use the v4 beta client to connect.

One other thing. Shot box shop in TOI 1f. Can only buy X soul shot, S80 & X spirit shot boxes one at a time. It was like this in v3 also. Is this intended or a bug?

On issue 4 U have to place the character on the rigth location.
A green square under character will show where its allowed,a red where its not.
It can be temporary disabled due to problems with shop area/new shop polys.

I logged to my alt for vit box then can not log back to my main on another account. It says “account already exist, try another name”. Back to v3, the worst scenario game pops up an error then restarting game allows me to log back in.

  • Vit Coins can’t be stored now.
  • Game crashed when i tried to check Friend List.
  • Normal, Blessed and Cursed Scrolls now shows with same icon.
  • Can’t store items in a secondary bp store. Message printed on screen “Only members with title can use bloodpledge store”
  • S80 Mage Spell doesn’t work.

you should be able to log in to your account now with no problems now.

A new bug: when auto attack is enabled, you can not double hit the hot key to heal yourself. It only warns “spell has no effect”. But you can double hit hotkey to heal when you are under traditional way of attacking