Codex for sale! Dimensional Treasure Chest Event!

Two new groundbreaking items were released today! One to make doing daily instances easier and the other is a reward for doing dailies!

Codex of Time
Through researching the crack of time and the rift of space, we were able to find a way to quickly enter the instances that are done daily. You can also tell if you have done them today or not through this method as well. There are some other helpful shortcuts with this item. It is self updating and will add instances to the list usually a week or two after a new instance is released.

The biggest connivence of this item is the fact that you don’t have to find the npcs or even look around for the door, you can simply just click the link for the instance you want to do and you are instantly teleported into the instance if you have not completed it. If you have completed the instance, you can click “Use Pass” next to the area name to use the associated pass if you have one in your inventory, this saves you the hassle of opening your inventory to refresh your dailies. If you do not have any passes, it will ask you if you want to refresh the instances for 10 GC instead. This will allow you to refresh the Thebes daily, as there are not any passes available yet for this one.

This is also a permanent item, you only need to buy it once per character. It is non tradable. As new instances become available the old codex will update with time. Also the price of the codex may go up as new instances make it more valuable, so be sure to buy it before then.

Dimensional Treasure Chests
If that wasn’t exciting enough, there is a new event item that will be made available from time to time. This event allows you to obtain Dimensional Treasure Chests from time to time. These chests take you to a special room where the demon Verdof likes to play a game of chance. When you appear in this room there are flying chests and walking mimic chests wandering the room. Each one has items that drop from a random custom monster in the game. You can’t tell which one will drop what until you kill one. Once you kill it, they all blow up and tell you who’s drops they had. White chat messages show which monster the drops were from. Shout chat shows you which monster’s drops you could have gotten. You can even get drops from old events that will never see the light of day again!

While this may sound very complex, its quite simple. You are teleported inside, you kill one mimic, it gives you drops (or nothing) and all the other mimics die. You are then free to leave the room by talking to Verdof or teleporting out. You can even use another box to instantly hop to the next spawn! If you do not leave the room within 3 minutes Verdof will automatically teleport you out.

So how do you get one of these awesome chests? This is something that will change depending on the event. This first event for them you will gain one for finishing a daily instance, so this means you currently can get 3 free a day. You can also refresh your dailies and get even more of them!

Another way to get them during an event is by buying them with gift coins from the gift master. This isn’t always the best option, however if you want to skip doing dailies to get them because you want to do more chests than you have time for dailies, you can pick this option.

Other Bug Fixes/Changes
Restarting in any of the thebes maps will place you at the oasis instead of aden

Fishing Pond will put you in gludio if you restart

Cost of Advanced Jewelry Solvent reduced to 800k + taxes

Alter of Osiris instance has boss moved to the back of the room for hard/extreme difficulties.

Heart Trail should no longer prevent you from walking through it.

According to this post “Cost of Advanced Jewelry Solvent reduced to 800k + taxes”. However, jewel solvents are selling at 1,016,000 adena from Pandora suggesting a 27% tax but tax rate is stated at 10% (would make solvent 880K). Is this a bug or is the tax rate understated?

I think there is a global tax rate and a town tax rate, dunno. I’d need to look into it.

Before this change, they were 1mil plus tax, so the price was reduced by 200k, which I think is what is being reflected.

Have a look at whom owns the castles that the tax money is going to and ask them to reduce the tax rate.

I noticed Aden has a 50% tax rate. Doesn’t the Aden tax affect taxes for all other areas?

yes you are correct the tax in talking island is influenced by the town covering the vendor and aden as well.