Codex of Time, Tribute(Forgotten) Island Changes & Crazy Events!

Codex of Time Changes

Many things about the codex have been changed, most notably the interface is much nicer with buttons that make browsing it more appealing.

Event Instances have been moved to Page 2 with the Underworld Instances

When you click on a difficulty button for a instance you’ve already completed it will ask you if you want to trade X gift coins to refresh that instance. This will let you reset only one instance instead of using the pass to reset the whole group at once. Doing this will let you farm a single instance rather than doing them 3 at a time.

The Lite Codex now allows you to use passes or spend GC to refresh an instance group

Tribute Island Changes (AKA Forgotten Island)
The Max HP of all non boss monsters has been greatly reduced

You can now escape and use -warp commands from anywhere on the island, no longer requiring you to use the boat to travel away from the island.

New Events
Dimensional chests reward rate when completing an instance has been increased to maximum chance.

To celebrate the new single instance refresh system. Single Instance Refresh Prices are on sale, currently all single instance resets are 5GC each. After the event ends, the prices will be different for each event.

Double the Pandora Pass Event! Every pandora pass you would get when donating, you’ll get an extra pandora pass!

Codex of Time Sale Event! Due to the changes to the codex of time, the price will be lowered to 200GC again for a limited time.