COVID-19 Prevention Event (and loads of bug fixes)

I’m gonna start this post by making it clear, I’m not an expert on COVID-19 or viruses of any kind. Additionally I’m not gonna make a heavy handed post trying to tell you how to live your life or anything like that. Instead to raise awareness to the things that are widely recommended to slow the spread of this virus, I have put in an event to remind and reward those behaviors.

Stay Safe

Event Details

[floatl][/floatl] Hand Soap - When you use this item you begin to wash your hands, giving you the washing hands buff. If you take a step it will remove this buff and all effects. You can obtain these from the vitality priestess, which costs Vitality, a currency earned just by being online.

[floatl][/floatl]Washing Hands Buff - This buff lasts for 20 seconds. Long enough for you to clean your hands in real life. After this 20 seconds is over, it will give you a new buff called Clean Hands.

[floatl][/floatl]Clean Hands Buff - This buff lasts for 1 hour and provides +10% EXP and SXP gains to reward you for properly washing your hands.

[floatl][/floatl]Social Distancing Buff - Every hour when vitality triggers, if you are not in a party, you will get this buff for one hour. If you join a party you’ll lose this buff. While you have this buff you’ll get +10% EXP and SXP.

Buff Icons!

  • Happy buffs now have their icons again (yay). These icons also appear when you login with happy buffs and reflect the current time left.
  • T5 Buffs now have buff icons when active
  • Dragon Elixirs and Potions now have buff icons
  • Dragon Essences now have buff icons
  • Nightmare Essences now has a buff icon
  • Spirit and Soul Smooth Shots now have buff icons
  • Christmas Joy has a buff icons
  • Sky Castle Rune buffs now have proper icons (all 24 of them)
  • Tier Ease Now has a buff icon which has a description of the level of ease

Bug Fixes

  • Hot-keyed consumables no longer disappear from the hot-bar when consuming the first one.
  • Fixed a bug with Gran Kain T-Shirt where it wouldn’t get benefits past +9
  • Fixed a bug with Maphr shirt’s stun resistance past +15
  • Removed all weight values, making weight always at 0% to prevent weight bugs from blocking the use of spells or abilities.

Other Changes

  • Kernon’s Faithful Serverant Kelone has been moved to upper blazing swamp so it doesn’t kill the new players when dragged to the entrance.

  • The Food Meter is now considered the PvP combat points meter. UI for the game is changed to reflect this.