Cracked dark elf morph

Since elf damage was nerfed in cdk and -crack is so much slower than cdk would it be possible to make a cracked de morph with cdk speed?

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I agree it would be nice for bow users to be on a level playing field

  1. There is already a -crack de morph, use de blood vials. :smiley:
  2. What does -crack de morph have to do with elf damage…
  3. In pvp, bow users have a range advantage over all other class
  4. -crack de with cdk isnt it same as cdk ? :wink:
  5. which gives bow users 100% dps like b4 with cdk…

Wrong de its the de bow poly we are talking about. and no -crack is not the same as cdk it moves and casts much slower, Sure as heck cant pvp anyone in cdk with -crack with the speed difference

A DE-crack morph would make ranged overpowered because they would shot too fast and wouldn’t let anyone even get close to them. I don’t think this should be done.