Craftable Bow - Upgrading to a better bow

I currently use a lv30 +13 [water22] Pearl Bow, and I want to find a better bow, one that is craftable. I reviewed the Sharanga X bow, and I don’t understand how a difficult to make X bow would have no Mana or HP steal. That doesn’t make any sense if it is a higher end bow. Looking at other bow, there are no other reasonable options. Hidden Blade is basically non-existent short of 1-2 on server. I would think a craftable X bow would be better than the Bow of Haunting. You even lose DR with the Sharanga, so I am not sure how this could be worth making minus the mana/hp stealing ability. I don’t see any viable options for a bow atm.


There are none :stuck_out_tongue: try get a hidden blade cuz its vastly superior to the Sharanga Bow. There are NO outweighing benefits of making the X-Grade bow.

Bow of Haunting must not be any good either since anyone who has one changes it out relatively fast.