Crafting imperial staff

I was just about ready to make an imperial staff,

But then I noticed the apprentice dwarf in warp 8 can make “Oriharukun” from silver nugget, synthetic cokes and some other thing.
The link in the library appears that it’s the oriharukun made from pure mith, but i want to be sure otherwise I need to craft this other type or oriharukun before I walk to 4f.

Does anyone know?

So yeah, I farmed catalinas for a couple hours, got some silver nuggets and some oriharukun ore,
got helped by and given like 2k more mats…
Had total of 1110 oriharukun ore and 2440 silver nuggets, crafted synthetic cokes, and crafted 222 oriharukun from the apprentice blacksmith…
I got 222 oriharukun which is what I need for imperial, and it stacked with oriharukun that I made with rough mithril…
So basically I just threw away a ton of mats and time :frowning:

Why would there be a method to craft this same ori that is so costly if it’s the same item :confused: