Crafting info or guide request

There seems to be no information on x crafting really, or its hard to find. It would be great if somebody could post NPCs and location for crafting X grade items. And also there doesn’t seem to be info on requisition tokens that you trade to the man on FI boat. Do you get those tokens by trading ancient coin, evil relic and ancient totems you get hunting ancients for the requisition tokens? Could somebody explain the trade system to get from those to requisition tokens to spend?

For a lot of the X gear you can find that info if you look up the individual items on the web site in the library.

X crafting npc is in giran. Just type -warp 3 and walk straight up. It’s like 2 screens up and like 1 screen right of where you teleport in.

I will say this tho, it’s not impossible to craft X grade armors, but it’s NEARLY impossible. If you plan on hunting for them then that would be impossible. You’d prob take 1-2 yrs to make one piece.

Your best bet is to just spam global constantly for materials to buy, but even then most people do not want to trade or sell because they are so rare and they want the opportunity to craft them on day as well.

I’ve crafted 2 pieces of X grade gears since they came out, mother tree boots and mother trees gloves. The only materials I bought was the natural powder, roughly 150-200 of it. The other amount needed I either hunted or got from the gold vitality cubic.

Edit: crafting legendary Zaj X pieces is prob the easiest if you wanna have X gears. Those only take like 2-4 weeks each to make if you grind out sxp and sky land

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Didn’t Zaj remove them from the regular daily cubics? I thought I remembered that when he did, he said he would rotate the normal cubics to occasionally drop them, but they drop the same things excluding the rare X mats.

There is a legendary zaj hat for sale x grade. Faster then making it aha