Critical Hit Balancing and Patch Notes for 6-30-2014

New Crit System and other Balancing Changes

The entire system of critical hits has been re-written from the ground up to mix up the way weapons apply critical damage. Critical hits and damage can now be increased via different methods than before as well. Here is the breakdown of how to do more or stronger crits.

Weapon Types - The type of weapon as in staff, dagger, sword, etc effects the CRIT DAMAGE multiplier.

Weapon Stats - The crit stat on the weapon or gained by leveling soul weapons/armors effect the CRIT RATE max or Crit Cap.

Character Dex & Base Dex - The player’s dex creates the MIN CRIT RATE and MAX CRIT RATE. Base Dex is more effective than gear dex in this formula.

Here is a chart explaining the weapon types and their crit rate benifits.

Other changes to damage formulas include a reduction in lucky crits damage, which shouldn’t be noticeable to very many people as even with really good luck the much harder hits are very very rare.

Damage Resistance for monsters has been greatly lowered for melee damage.

Damage Resistance for monsters now applies to magic and effects proc damage as well.

Soul Resistance has been added for players via clan skills. This value allows you to resist the damage caused by procs.

Dex based skills now should land a bit more often, while still less often than before.

Clan Changes

Clan Exp can now be gained by turning in XP Shards. This replaces the ability to gain adena via the same shards. They give the same amount of exp as before as well. The gains in clan xp are as follows:

XP Shard 1 gives 2 Clan EXP
XP Shard 2 gives 5 Clan EXP
XP Shard 3 gives 10 Clan EXP
XP Shard 4 gives 100 Clan EXP

There are a number of new clan skills released, some require the new Clan Level 2. They are as follows:

Strength In Numbers, SiN-Royal, SiN-Knight, SiN-Elf, SiN-Dark Elf, SiN-Mage, SiN-Illusionist, SiN-DragonKnight, SiN-QQ, Clan Growth Lv3, Clan Growth Lv4, Clan Soul Guard, Clan Soul Guard Lv2, Clan Soul Guard Lv3, Clan Soul Guard Lv4. You can read what they do on the clan skills page here: L1.5 : Clan Skills [Custom Private Lineage 1 Server]

Other Changes

Cinco De Mayo Sombrero [2014] has had its icon updated to be what it should have been.

Ancient mops now have a large reduction to magic damage. Was that intended?

That explains why magic damage is now lower on ancient monsters.

                     MELEE TIME!

It seems logically odd that a Dagger would have a highest Crit Rating. It also seems odd that it helps 1 person in game, the owner of Antharas Quill. What does the +Crit that’s added to Soul Weapons upon lvling do? Cuz Antharas Quill already had 50% more then the 2nd highest +Crit amongst weapons on server.

honestly, it doesn’t help the quill much at all… the quill is still s80 and its non crit damage is almost worthless. Critting for high percentages of a low dmg amount still is pretty low.

Skeleton actually complained that his quill is weaker, though not sure I’d go that far.

It’s stats are still comparable to any of the strongest s80 weps out there so it isn’t a low damage amount as long as it’s repaired inbetween fights. Not to mention it’s procs and current enchant level would make up for most/all the negatives.

it still hits for way weaker than all the other main X grade weapons, it is no where close to the strongest weapon in the game. In fact the other s80 dagger has a higher crit rate.

What does the +Crit do then that soul weapons have when gaining levels? Heavens Fang has like 25 @30 and Quill has 79 @30. Maybe that +Crit doesn’t do much idk…

Those numbers are outdated from an old cache, they all have completely different crit values now on their charts. Quil has like 15 and heaven’s fang has 22. They represent the crit cap that dex will allow them to crit. It can be increased further with the crit on armors or buff items.