Cumulative Patch 1 - 10-20-2018

Client Patch Details

This patch is a large 126.1 MB patch to address the issues with some players not having the latest up to date files due to bugs or issues with the updater. You can obtain this patch simply by exiting the game and opening it again, clicking yes to the Chinese prompt for updates. If it doesn’t prompt you, you can click “Recover” on the server list. This cumulative patch contains all of the custom text files, icons, maps, images, etc required for this server, up until 10-20-2018.

Client Patch Tips

  • Always ensure there are no copies of Lineage or L1.5 running when performing updates

  • Always Accept the Chinese popup when opening the client, as this is prompting to download the updates!

  • If you are noticing something wrong with your files being up to date, exit the game and then click the Recover button on the server select menu to allow re-downloading the old updates.

  • Some anti-virus/ anti-spyware programs will delete or block the file eat.exe, this file is required to install the update files and you will not be able to update to the latest files if it is blocked.