Current Known Issues [2017]

Since there are so many issues and bugs on the server that need to start getting patched, I’m gonna make an effort to list things here in a format where I can easily checkmark them as I do them. Once check-marked it is pending with next update. Hopefully when verified fixed, I’ll remember to remove them. If you see something that should be on this list (which you will as this list is far from complete and will be updated as I get the chance to), then politely reply to this post with your suggestions for the list. If you already have a topic posted about it, simply link to that topic.

EDIT: As I add things mentioned via replies to the main post, I am now deleting the replies so that this topic is clean and easy for me to tell what needs to be added to the main list. I’m not deleting posts because I don’t like what was said or anything like that. I just need this topic to stay clean so I can quickly manage it.

Also if you see a reply that you agree with or it has happened to you a lot, click the Heart Icon to like it. If you have more information to add that might help duplicate it happening or expand upon what the original poster said, reply to that reply with your additional information. This will help me know if its a recurring issue or something that might be related to the person’s computer or install.

Not yet fixed Item
Fixed Item, waiting for restart to apply
Fixed Item that has already been applied and is active

Issues that have been around for a long long time, that I’d still like to do something about

Semi Recent
These are issues that have turned up due to changes in the past year or so

Dimensional Chest Doll no longer works / needs re-purposed

Valakas Raid’s bridges are not working correctly and can be crossed before they spawn
      (while you can cross them, you can’t enter the boss room until all key flames are dead)

Blessed Scaled Antharas X Belt and the Antharas X Earring need stats and levels

New Content
Issues that have turned up with newer releases

Antharas Magic Arrows bug: Arrow Bug With Antharas Spine Thrower, and Bow of Neit
Gore’s Animus - X will not equip
Gore’s Animus - Needs stats and abilities
Shiny Brooch issues:
      Leveling up brooch unequips gems each time it levels
Legendary Vala does not drop any mats to crate vala mask. A few of us have instructions but there is no way to get the other materials required to craft.

Need More Information
These are bugs that I would like to fix, but need more information. If you can provide this information, please post a reply to this topic with it or a link to a topic with more information

Some dolls can not be walked through causing issues for the chest in -shop
      I need to know which dolls can’t be walked through
      Zaj & Amanda Doll

These are issues I need to do tests to confirm the issue

T5 Royal buff not working
Valakas Blessing buff not working properly
Possible issue with critical damage not being properly reduced
Healing spells not having an increased effect when used with T5 mage buff (x2 according to post)

Client Related
Not likely to be fixed any time soon, but who knows…

Brown Scroll window pops up when talking to npc or clicking codex/shop buttons
Rings not showing up in equipment tab

I don’t know if I am the only one, but when I am doing instances, sometimes when I am walking directly left my entire client freezes. It seems to happen all the time in wedding one and the IT ones.

The Blessed Scaled Antharas X Belt and the Antharas X Earring don’t have a soul chart or any special abilities like all of the other dragon X items.

Another item I have noticed for quite some time. There are times when no instance keys remain in my inventory and I start the final IT daily (Experimental) from within the 2nd one in the list, and upon completion, it says that an instance key has been received, only no key was added to inventory. Also i have had it where i get one key, open box, says I received 2 more keys, but no keys are added to inventory.

Appears to only happen to me in the 3rd instance with the Experimental boss.

12/3/2017 - Happened again.

no reward key


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Crustacean dolls not working (atleast not the critical damage component not sure if chance working or not)

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Transmat set bug? I need to restart after using essence, sometimes more than once, to get armor boost to take effect. The hp/mp boost takes effect right away but armor boost doesn’t.

I’m getting use to having to restarting to get armor boost to take effect. However, the cloak no longer receives boost even after 3-4 restarts. Please fix.

-debug doesn’t show the true damage of spells when being multiplied by grace aligned (only the base amount shows)

Zaj, I was looking at the Zaj [s80] set and noticed the only one that included the Zaj sword also includes the Cloak of Zaj [S] which is unobtainable. Could it either be removed from the set or a set created w/o the cloak but with the Zaj Sword?

Thanks! Hopefully will be playing subclass knight, and until i can make Leg Zaj set, this is something I want to use.

Any way we can get stats on the Ancient Dark Elder shield and the Ancient Beleth belt? They’ve been in for a few years without any real stats.

Maybe the Ancient Basilisk Cloak too, doesn’t have much for stats.

Yes - meant to add that knew I forgot 1. It looks like it’s just modeled after vamp cloak