Current Pledges and Information for Newbies

There is and will be new players coming to the server and many of these players often wonder which pledge is the best pledge to join and for what reasons. I am going to make a small list here for people of the “main” pledges you will encounter when joining the server as a new player.

Sparta. This is a very very old and strong pvp pledge on the server. They only recruit players that are very strong and will be 100% loyal to them and fight with them. Once being the strongest pledge on the server there is only a small fraction of active Sparta members left playing these days.
Sparta is currently at war against Sacred Souls, ToG and Hello Kitty pledges.
(Sparta is a extremely hard pledge to get into and usually by invite only.)

Sacred Souls. Similar to Sparta, Sacred Souls is a very strong dominating pledge that thrives for pvp. The amount of members in Sacred Souls is however low they are all very very strong and not a force to be messed with.
Sacred Souls is currently at war with Sparta, ToG and Shining Force pledges.
(Sacred Souls pledge does not recruit and is by exclusive invite only.)

ToG (The Other Guys). This pledge is currently in limbo. The leader and royal for the account is banned from the server. At one time this was a very strong pvp pledge and now is fading out. ToG is at war with Sparta and Sacred Souls.

Hello Kitty. This pledge is very strong however they are inactive from the server.
Hello Kitty is at war with Sparta.
(When they were and are active they were a inclusive invite pledge only.)

Shining Force. This is a fairly weak pvp pledge. They claim to be a neutral hunting pledge but their actions prove otherwise.
Shining Force is currently at war against Sacred Souls.
(Shining Force is mainly a Spanish speaking pledge however they will recruit just about anybody.)

La Inquisicion. This is another Spanish speaking pledge mostly made up of Shining Force members and their friends attempting to hide their identities from Sacred Souls pledge.

North Wind. This is a very peaceful pledge with lots of friendly members. The leader of North Wind is one of the friendliest people on the server and has been one of the most peaceful players for many years. This is a great pledge to get into and just have a good time and meet some great people if you are new to the game.

Ancients. This pledge is very similar to North Wind in peacefulness but does not have as many members. The leader is a fairly friendly person as long as you do not act retarded to them. They are more of a private pledge from my understanding but will take good serious players who are looking for a peaceful hunting pledge.

Hell. Despite their name Hell pledge is fairly friendly. They are a pretty peaceful pledge who enjoy hunting and just playing the game.
(I must admit I am not 100% on their recruitment methods.)

There are many other pledges on the server that people can join up with that are peaceful and friendly. It is suggest that you choose very wisely because there are some very strange politics on the server and alot of ruthless people when it comes to the PvP pledges. Joining the wrong pledge as a new player can make things very difficult to hunt and build your character up with gear aswell as create alot of necessary drama in your game experience.


Good info!
Thanks. =)

Very good info for new people! I would have remade Hell, but since it was an already leveled up pledge at the time Clans came out I just stuck with it :grin:

I didnt go nuts and add ALL the pledges because well… I was lazy. However I feel this is enough for newbies to get started in the right direction and have some form of understanding of who is who in terms on pledges when they see people running around.

I myself as most people know am a huge PvP player and I have had many experiences where new players have come to the server and joined pledges thinking that they were peaceful pledges and would be safe to be in but instead they just get attacked all the time and have no idea why or any of the history. By then its usually to late.
I feel its important to be careful which pledge a new player joins if/when they decide to join a pledge simply because it can really effect their game experience.

However much a ruthless meanypants I am in the game to my enemies in the game I very much enjoy seeing lots of people playing on the server and having fun.


Hell means “bright” in German, so you can just say you meant the German meaning! =D

About La Inquisicion: The info is not true. We are all spanish speaking players, but we are not Shining Force. We are different people playing in different homes. We are just friends in RL with the spanish speaking players from there. Next time please, contact with some pledge members to get accurate info.

Dont get me started. Stop hiding stupid newbs

Please, stop your own paranoia. All the people is not your enemy. My clan is neutral. We don’t play pvp. Just pve. La Inquisicion is about 3 or 4 years old, or more.

mmm so sad. This isnt a post for you to cry, it is a post for new players to understand what they are getting into before joining certain pledges. As for you and your pledge. You guys are very obviously not a peace pledge if you were you would not have allowed yourself to be affiliated with SF pledge in the ways that you were (Member trading to and from, Marriages to SF members with your royal, Hunting in the same groups WHILE there is pvp happening and then annoying the people attacking) Not to mention all the shit talk you and your pledge has done since. SO. No You are NOT a peaceful pledge you are a branch off of SF pledge in denial and you are going to continue being hit just like SF pledge. It is NOT under debate that your pledge is at war. I AM TELLING YOU THAT YOU ARE. So drop the denial and live with it.

Again this is not a Post and or Topic in which you should be whining or crying. IF you would like to do that then go create your own post in “FYAD” or in the “Clan” section of the boards.

Thank you, Have a nice day.