Current Soul Weapons

It would be nice to see Haunting Staff get a boost. I know a lot dropped the first year they were available, but the droprate was fixed for the next year, and not many dropped after that. It’s a rare X weapon and I would like to see it used.

Heaven’s Fang and Vesper Staff don’t have procs after level 15. These aren’t widely used weapons, but it would be cool to see some new procs on them. Vesper being 2handed is a huge drawback, maybe make it one handed since it’s Reaper only?

With the new T5 coming soon, which bring back the purpose of “classes” in lineage. It would be nice to change “Reaper” only gears to all classes or class specific would be nice since they are deemed useless at T5 without a Reaper option.

Heaven’s Fang to me has one of the best proc in game “Fatal Strike” back when there was only T1, not sure how effective this proc is now with T4 and some player(s) having over 10k hp.

Not sure of Vesper have a mana leech proc, would be nice if there was, and being 1handed would even be better.

I asked Zajako a couple of months ago to please finish the vesper staff procs. I have one and it is a nice weap but sadly it is forgotten at this points because of the facts stated before. Voren and ARIE made both good suggestions.