Daily Pandora and Ancient Dust

I have a suggestion. On the online daily Pandora, would it be possible to drop more than 1 Ancient Dust? Seems so little given how much it takes to try and upgrade.

Just a thought.

That’s what dissolving gems are for. You get three free from Pandora’s jewelry box (website) every day and can expand to six by using Pandora’s free play vouchers (can buy from vitality NPC in Giran and allowed to use 3 per day). You get anywhere from 1-5 gem dusts per stone, can double by using potent jewelry solvent. I only use the potent solvent on the lvl 2 gems that I get from Pandora (get up to 50 dusts per gem).

However, I think the real issue is how difficult it is to upgrade gems. You typically go through several thousand dusts to make a lvl 5 gem. At least that has been my experience and that’s using all cha boosts, luck/char pots/gear/dolls etc. It seems that those items don’t have an impact on success rates. It can be totally frustrating. Gem upgrading in sky castle is no bargain either. While you don’t use as many dusts you go through gem frags like crazy. Frag drops for 2nd generation gems in sky elemental areas are almost nonexistent. Nobody sells the desirable ones (sphalarite, tanzanite, etc) either. I think that expanding frag drops to most mobs in game, similar rate as sky mobs, and adding the 2nd generation gems to Pandora’s box would help immensely. Either that or increase the success rates a little bit.

Um, duh. I know that. I do know how the gem stuff/pandora works. :wink:

I am asking a specific thing, not reworking mechanics of upgrading. :stuck_out_tongue: