Damage Resistance

How much DR is needed to hunt in higher tier areas, like scaro, thebes, and sky?

Same question here, what DR you need to farm on tomb f4? I’m trying to get some bloods for fluids.

Vile, Wonderth,
You should be able to hunt those areas with 60-70 DR. You should be able to breeze through them at 100+ DR. Of course you’ll need I2H when you get swarmed. Also, MR comes in handy on tomb 4f, especially if you are getting hit by a lot of wizards.

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I agree with Breeze. I remember hunting Thebes and Skaro with less than 100dr. I would usually have i2h on most of the time. It’s pretty much what you’ll need until you get in the 150 DR range.

MR helps a very little bit against monsters using magic. I can go with 200MR or 600MR and the monsters in Thebes and tomb 4f do nearly the exact same damage. It’s been a problem for years and would take a complete overhaul of items and enemies to fix.

I would recommend hunting Thebes tho, there are less monsters then Skaro or Tomb 4f, but when I hunt there with a t1 character I can keep up with my COP usage so I’m not burning through consumables.

thanks for the replies. my DR is 141, and I still have to use i2h in skaro and thebes; however, from your replies, I’m assuming that is normal. Sky castle is still way out of my league though. I walked into the castle with I2h on and got three shotted. I’m assuming that area is for people with Zaj gear and 200+ DR

most people i see hunting there are using a bow and killing mops 1 at a time. i’m sure most people are using X gears too, either Legendary Zaj or Stat specific armor like fear or mother tree.

keep up the hard work tho, 141 is a great start!

gotcha. thanks for the info!