DE lvl 45 Q help

Took task from Bludika
Sends me to Koup
Koup says find Koje
Koje says he doesn’t want to help my race
Poly to Assassin and goto Assassin Master’s Apprentice
Apprentice says ‘Defences around here being strengthened’
got back to Koje (still as Assassin) and he says the same as before, no Yeti head Q …

Anyone have any ideas what I missed ?

Thanks for the help !!

I don’t play DE; however many of those class quests are not done any more. On that, though, have you killed the Yeti outside of Ivory Tower? Not sure if he drops his head anymore. He may be stingy.

I wouldn’t bother with any “live server” class quest. The items gained from them are basically garbage.

The Yeti is there, killed it an got the Head.
The problem is, Roje never gives me the quest to start with. Even after I kill the Yeti and bring the head back to him he says the same thing “Blah blah yadda yah …I don’t want to help your race”

I realize this server has much more to offer than the Live Lineage did. Very impressed with what I have read so far from the guides and boards here on site and look forward to seeing it.

I’m doing these things because I love Lineage, it’s been years, and … well … I can :wink:

Did you try with no morph on? I know that’s buggered up quests before

Yup !
Tried no morph, skele morph, assassin morph, dwarf morph even tried human bandit morph.
Roje just don’t like me ! lol … I musta missed a flag somewhere, I’ll back track again and keep try’n.


I don’t think that quest ever worked here. Zaj mentioned something about putting the items in an npc for purchase but never did. If I remember correctly it gave you a DE spell. Those spells are all given to you with - puff. As for the turn bring stone spell I farmed mops for the drop.

ok, I figured something was off cause I’ve backtracked a few times … switched to Knight :wink:

ok I’m stuck. Tried again with another DE but can’t get this Quest to go. Is there another way/place to get the Uncanny Dodge skill crystal ?

You can try your luck at npc in -shop that sells DE spell crystals, it’s luck of the draw there tho cuz it gives a random DE spell. It worked a long time ago when I started on the server so maybe it got bugged up along the way. Not sure. Once you’re reaper you get all the DE spells tho so it’s not critical to get it

Thanks for the tip Allison ! I went there and spent a long while look’n around, lotta neat stuff there ! Though I’d rather not wait till Reaper (if it ever even happens for that alt) I’m not to sure how the vendors in -shop work ! Will look for Zaj, mabey he can help me out :grin:

You will need Gift Coins for currency in -shop NPCs. Those can be get from donating (on the website) or buying from players in game.