Dear zaj, about bunny egg

I made a new easter bunny egg with my alt today.

However, when I was about to move it to my original char, Ambition, storage dwarf does not let me move it.

Since I did not know it bounds to character, can you please understand my situation and circumstance, and move it to my main char “Ambition”?

DrDre has the egg at the moment…

Please Please help me…

Thank you Zaj

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It’s a jewel - normally they are non transferable?

Yah, I do understand that; however, would be nice to share set with alts. :frowning: It’s just having to create a full regular 2017 set, then pay the 50 gc for any alt that will use the set seems a bit crazy. Sets aren’t that hard to make for sure, but the time to grind and spend additional GC is a bit of a pain. My opinion, but meh, it is what it is.

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Sorry about this, I’ll make it tradeable after restart.

It was not intended to be non-tradable but because I duplicated the item existing jewel and changed it to become it’s own thing, it inheritated the non-tradable status.

I’ll also manually move your egg this one time dk.

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Thanks Zaj! Will be great and more helpful to level all the items with those high SXP when the Egg can move too.


The egg should now be tradeable thanks to the restart yesterday

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