-debug damage testing

When changes get made testing damage is usually everyone’s priority and due to mob density/swing speed of the enemy -debug gets flooded fast. So I would love to see a -debug type command that only shows outgoing numbers that way damage tests and comparisons could be easily made.

I’d like to at some point make a scarecrow you can beat up and be told DPS.

At first I was thinking the same thing but a single target to test against means nothing because every mob has different resists and dr so being able to run tests against the mobs we specifically fight against would yield much better results per person. Though the idea of multiple scarecrows each with stats equivalent to various mobs would be fantastic.

If you want a “generic testing scarecrow” go to any castle in game and hit the tower. It gives you raw numbers since it probably has 0ac and 0dr. But it still gives you an idea what you’re doing with different gear on and when changes are made in game to items you use.

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Doesn’t this require a siege to be present or can you still dmg them during non siege hours?

-debug can be used anytime on castle towers. they seem to have infinity HP when its not seige time or just the worlds greatest regen.

The only problem with using siege towers, is that it appears to lower the tower’s hp when you use melee, so when you use spell dmg, it will only show the tower’s max hp as your dmg. When you use melee, you dmg the tower, and your subsequent spell damage appears to be lower.

Need not be siege for towers to be damaged nor outer gates for that matter. Once it was possible to destroy the inner gates of the castle , but an up-date of a year or so changed that.

I was just testing dmg the other day on a siege tower while there was no siege in progress. My max spell damage would lower as I was meleeing (Yes, I’m making up words) the tower, as if my max damage couldn’t exceed the max hitpoints of the tower, which were lowering with each melee strike.

I noticed the same thing, and considering it appears to only have roughly 20k hp at max health it doesn’t take long to wear is down.