Definitive On Deck Post

Instead of creating a new on-deck post each time I have pending updates, I’m just gonna reset this one and use it. As I have things ready for a restart, I’ll try to post them in here.

Format Meanings:
Underline: : This means it is released and restart is not required for it to be in effect
Strike Through: This means it is not yet ready for the next restart but will soon be
Normal Text: This means it will be released with the next restart

Gear Changes
Lindvior’s Lightbringer’s safe enchant set to 3 from beeing disabled

Valakas’ Claw Staff now has 10 Magic Critical and 10 Critical Rate added to it

These changes are now live and tested:

Pending Boss Changes
Epic Valakas and Normal Valakas have their minion counts reduced by half

Epic Valakas Minions will cast their stun 1/3rd as often. This should mean way less often due to the cutting of minions by half as well.

Epic Minion of Valakas has it’s hp increased by a lot and its hp regen greatly reduced making it similar to Epic Minion of Fafurion in difficulty.

Epic Valakas has it’s hp increased by a lot and its hp regen greatly reduced and its tier level set to 5 making it similar to Epic Fafurion in difficulty.

Event Changes
Gathering Trade Skill Npc has been spawned in -shop to allow you to change your trade skill in preparation for the coming harvesting event.

The old, always active spawns are now added to Halloween and Nightmare Lands

New Event Additions
New Trade Skill Event Gathering nodes added as spawns throughout Halloween Land, Nightmare Land and Hallowed Caves.

New bonus map able to be entered through a very rare portal. This map has a 10 minute timer per day. Tons of gathering nodes on this map!

These changes are now live and tested:

OnDeck updated with starter town changes that are coming.

These changes are now live:

Starter Town Changes
When dying you start in the starter town zone instead of skt

The shop that sells potions has been re-arranged to make it easier to find items

Magic damage from all monsters with spells has been greatly reduced

New characters will start with 3 Starter Jewel Boxes that give a random Lv1 jewel

Bosses in starter town have more hp, but no longer regenerate their hp

Spawn counts for the starter town have been reduced by nearly half

Simply being in the starter town map regenerates hp and mp each tick

New characters will start in the new starter town which was formerly known as -betanoob

Many monsters have decreased stats

Adena drops added to all starter town mobs

Drop rates all greatly increased

Shops in town buy most of the items dropped by mobs

New Zone Boost Controller system will now give crack morphs and gm buffs to players in starter town every 10 minutes

Solvent Changes
Advanced Jewelry Solvent is renamed to Jewelry Solvent

The price of Jewelry Solvent is reduced to 300k+ tax

New Potent Jewelry Solvent is released which gives double the dusts of Jewelry Solvent. It costs 1mil + taxes

Donation Changes
When donating instead of the donation buff being triggered right away, it instead delivers a happy buff package to your character to allow you to trigger the donation buff when you are ready to grind. This will prevent people from waiting to donate until they are ready to hunt, allowing them to donate when they need the gc then enjoy the happy buff when they are ready to hunt.

Bug Fixes
Omega Juice should now correctly give the brave buff

Legnedary Zaj Guarder now correctly adds 15% magic damage.

Updated the on deck post with loads of new fixes coming!

Zaj can you also remove where exp and sp are included in the clan log it spams the whole feed.

Also we are only able to purchase 1 soul shot box x and 1 spirit shot box x at a time from warp 9. Can you increase this

Also - Adding an NPC in starter town where new players can purchase magic books would be a good idea. It’s hard to direct them to gereng in talking island.

The Soul Shot boxes limiting shop qty is due to a bug with the client, I’d have to make a custom text file for buying quantities that are different.

This would be links for buying 10, 20, etc. I don’t mind doing this but it will have to wait until another time.

Your other suggestions are being implemented however!

Starter Town Changes
Gereng now spawns in the Inn in hidden valley allowing new players to learn spells from him.

-starter and -noob will teleport players to the starter zone similar to how -betanoob has

-newplayer will bring up the message that appears when you start a new character

New Zone Boost Controller system will now give crack morphs instead of lightning cdk

Buff Changes
Happy buffs will now be saved when logging out however if you are logging out to save your happy buff please login on another character to still obtain your vitality coins! Also if too many people log out to avoid happy buffs this decision may be changed.

Sky castle rune buffs will now be saved when you log out as well!

Clan Changes

  • Deleted Sky Castle Clan log entries
  • Hid clan sp and exp gains from showing in the current clan log, this will be brought back when filters and sorting is enabled
    Changed it so when clan sp and xp are gained it no longer spams clan chat instead it shows the green message on the main window.

Bug Fixes
Omega Juice should now correctly give the brave buff for the full hour rather than requiring you to use -brave or a brave potion after using it. This also applies to all gm buffs that should apply brave as well.

Issue that sometimes causes issues logging back in when a crash or logout happens is now fixed.

Auto attack causing you to walk inside of a monster -SHOULD- be fixed

Sky castle monsters should no longer log to the clan logs like bosses

Doors should properly spawn

Tweaks to map data for some maps that are yet to be released.

Fixed a bug that caused message board posts with a title that is too long to break an sql connection

Fixed a bug that caused server exceptions when some monsters were deleted while already dead

Changed Database Connection Pool Type from BoneCP to HikariCP which is supposed to be much faster! (faster database pooling means less lag for some things)

“Auto attack causing you to walk inside of a monster -SHOULD- be fixed”

I think the fix may be bugged worse than the original issue. The fix: move mob 1, sometime 2 spaces so you don’t have to move to continue your attack. The current problem: the mob comes back at you and gets underneath you again and keeps repeating it, usually in a different location each time, resulting in a dance between you and the mob you targeted until it either it stops, in which case you lose your attack lock and have to retarget, or you kill it. The dance routine causes you to constantly rotate to adjust to the mob’s new position around you. It is a form of lag and your swing rate diminishes a bit. Also, if you are mobbed and lose your target lock then it is difficult to lock onto the same mob. I usually end up locking onto another mob and the first one regen’s all of it’s HP in the meantime. In areas where mobs are super-hasted (e.g., Tribute Island) this bug much more of an issue. I’m surprised nobody has said anything by now. Am I the only one that is experiencing this? Like I said, it is so much more pronounced on Tribute Island and can be a royal pain there.

When I tested the fix I did not experience this issue, but I will look into another way to fix this issue. The real problem with the monster being inside of you isn’t, not being able to attack it, its that it often would cause a crash when the 2 sprites are trying to animate in the same cell.

I’ll try to change the path finding of the monsters to be less likely to run into this problem. Also I already do have plans to fix tribute island’s monster speed issues, so you won’t have to do -self and such, so that should greatly help with this issue too.

Me and some other people are having the same issue. I’m told wedding is almost impossible on higher difficulty because of the monster bug where they keep teleporting around you, making you lose swing(hp on hit).and what not. It happens to me in almost every single daily, mainly when you and a mob run at eachother is when the bug happens and they start teleporting around you trying to run into you.

I’ll have it fixed with the next restart.