Does T4 Deal more Damage than T5? No

How the tests are performed to ensure accuracy:

The tests were performed on the GM zajako character in a way where stats, gear, level do not matter. Both tests were at level 100 with only a Level 30 +20 Zelin (Fire 20) equipped. No other gear equipped, no buffs enabled. The only thing changed for each test was the tier from T5 to T4.

Furthermore the tests were done by sampling the exact attack damage without critical, proc or lucky damage boosts applied, using the GM debug mode which shows what effects are boosting damage. This ensures that we get pure damage readouts without tainting the results with anything that could cause a fluctuation.

T5 Non Critical Physical Attacks
Hits: 1420,1332,1364,1326,1392,1332,1360,1470,1396,1488,1434,1472,1388,1400,1338,1436,1436,1982
Mean: 1431
Median: 1654
Largest: 1982
Smallest: 1326

T4 Non Critical Physical Attacks
Hits: 1361,1235,1309,1293,1374,1343,1320,1259,1222,1354,1221,1237,1280,1356,1250,1376,1226,1245
Mean: 1292
Median: 1298
Largest: 1376
Smallest: 1221

Result: Due to random damage and the small sample performed here the average damage for T5 was 9.82% more than T4 . But even at its weakest hit, T5 dealt 7.5% more than T4.

Clarification: The code multiplies the damage by 15% so if the dice rolls for damage were the same every time, the damage for T5 would show to ALWAYS be 15% higher despite the result of this test.

The damage for ranged physical attacks like bows are effected by the same formula and the exact same code so it shouldn’t be necessary for a damage test for those. While magic damage boosts are in a different file, they follow the same style block of code as the melee attacks, so it is not likely the results would vary much.

If there is enough demand, I can perform the exact same style test for magic with single target hits and bows.

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After checking into the T5 Magic boosts, it was found that T5 Magic was not getting its tier boost as the other tiers were. This will be remedied as of tomorrow’s restart.

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Seeing as there was a problem with magic not working correctly I would be curious if there is a problem with ranged as well. I do considerably more dmg on t4 char 32 Dex than I do t5 with 39 dex (even though the t4 Is an elf). Using sharanga

Ranged uses the exact same formula as melee. No room for mistakes there. Elf receives a double damage boost for bows, so naturally it would do more damage than a T5 non elf with a bow.