Doll Fixes, Event changes, Instance Changes, Treasure Chests!

Changes to Magic Dolls
Many fixes to all known bugs with magic dolls have been addressed and fixed. Here are some of the changes for them:

  • Dolls will now teleport nearby if they are out of range or stuck on something
  • Dolls will now no longer be counted as pets, thus being blocked by maps that disallow pets/summons, fixing the issues where they disappear while teleporting.
  • Dolls will now be hit with a extremely long super brave when summoned causing them to have increased speed in hopes they can keep up with you.
  • Move speed of the dolls has been set to the appropriate sprite refresh speed, causing them to be less likely to have their location bugged on screen.

Instance Changes
The rewards for completing instances has been changed so that you no longer are garunteed the following rewards: Clan Skill Energy, Clan Experience Energy, Dimensional Treasure Chest;

However 4 chests now spawn around your character when you complete an instance and a 20 second timer starts to allow you to open one. To prevent you from opening more than one, you are given a key to open one of the chests, once you open one chest, the key is consumed. When you exit the instance, the key is deleted as well. Inside these boxes contains a number of items, which will be changed from time to time, including new items to be added to it.

The current possible rewards from the new instance chests are as follows:

  • Clan Skill Energy
  • Clan Experience Energy
  • Instance Reward Key (1 - 2 This is allows you to quickly open another chest or 2 if you don’t run out of time first.)
  • Mysterious Key (see the chests section of this post)
  • Dimensional Treasure Chest
  • Magic Doll: Dimensional Chest

Event Changes
The Wedding daily instance will no longer refresh each day, meaning since the event is over, there are no free plays of this instance until the event period starts again. You can still however use any instance passes you have and you can continue to purchase new instance passes for this daily for an increased non event price.

The Dimensional Treasure Chests are no longer given for completing each instance. They can still be obtained randomly from the new instance chests that you can open when you do a daily instance. You can also still buy them for an increased non event price from the Event Items npc in -shop.

Treasure Chests
As mentioned above, Instance chests spawn at the end of each instance, this is possible because I have now figured out a way to code a completely new kind of object in the game. Treasure Chests! Of course this means with due time, you’ll start seeing them pop up in places unexpectedly, so you can excitingly kick one open and see what goodies you can find! But thats not all! There is also a new Mysterious Chest located in -shop! It can be opened with Mysterious Keys that are rare to find, but can be found in the instance chests. This chest also closes and restocks itself every 30 seconds, so if you see it open, just wait and it will close again.

Gift Master Changes
With the Gift Master’s retirement finished, you can no longer use the -giftmaster command, however, to fill this gap, a new item was created that allows you to pull up a list of the new shop keepers and click a link to browse their items. This lets you circumvent going to -shop and finding the npc. You can get this new item the Gift Master’s Link from the Vanity Mistress, Callidora located at the lower end of Valhalla(-shop).

The dolls seem to bug up monsters quite a bit. Either monsters will just stop moving or they will not walk through the dolls.

Is there any way to let monsters walk through dolls? I wondered if this would cause a problem when you mentioned on global that you were going to make the dolls teleport to your chararcter.

I figured:

would fix that problem.

I noticed after going into an instance the dolls become disassociated with your char (they lose your name) thus it seems like you don;t have them anymore but if you look you still have the icon.
to fix this you can restart your char that will get rid of them and you can resummon. I know this is not a fix but it might help.

to my knowledge dolls always blocked monsters and I have used this to my advantage if I needed to go afk in the boss room in thebes I tried to position my dolls all around me and I have come back to see scarabs waiting on the other side of my dolls. Players though can walk through dolls.

Zaj knows about the problem and it’s on his list of things to do as well as the key problem from the dailies and a ton of other stuffs


as of right now dolls are still a little buggy, the 3 keys prize from doing the daily’s does not give the player keys, if you know of any more problems please make a mpost.

A reset is required after the fixes to make them work on live and at this time no reset is scheduled until at least the weekend of sat march 14.

Just going to have to settle with how the server is until then. Or if a reset comes sooner.

It was a relief going into an instance and the dolls becoming disassociated with me :grin: they got bugged up and stopped following me again woot woot! It’s no fun chasing mops cuz 6 dolls are in the way, its even more frustrating when you hunt with someone and 10+ dolls block mops paths.
:boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: (that’s what I want to do to mops)

Ah, mops have never been able to walk through dolls. Now it is going to be changed?

I am left wondering WHY?

I for one, don’t want this changed.

There are plenty of situations where you want to use your dolls as cover.

With tiered mops they hit you for minimum damage, if they cant get to you they cant hit you.

Your dolls stop SOME of them from being able to hit you.

Changing this allows ALL of them to hit you.

Am I the only one who sees and understands this?

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Nope I understand this fodder

I understand and would rather have them hit me/be close to me personally.