Doom Scrolls and the Resulting Fragments Formula

How many fragments do you get for blowing up a level 20, +0, x-grade armor? How many fragments for a level 25, +0, x-grade armor? And how many fragments for a level 30, +0, x-grade armor? I can’t find the information anywhere on the website, old forum, or new forum.

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Here is the information for generating fragment counts:

Item Type Bonuses
Weapon: 100 fragments
Armor: 50 Fragments

Per Level Bonuses
Weapon: 10 fragments per level
Armor: 5 fragments per level

Level 20 Bonus
Weapon: 100 fragments
Armor: 50 fragments

Level 30 Bonus
Weapon: 200 fragments
Armor: 100 fragments

Enchantment Bonus
10 fragments per enchantment

Other Bonuses/Penalties
Some items have bonus amounts of fragments or negative amounts of fragments added in

So according to the formula a level 20, +0 x grade armor will give you 250 X grade fragments.
A level 25 +0, x-grade armor will give you 275 X grade fragments.