DR Formulas for PVP

Hi Zaj,

Is it possible to change the DR formula only for pvp? it seems like only the DR % matters a lot more in pvp damage not the DR.

Just want to find a way to make pvp more fun. Since elf can kill people so easily with super brave and triple…so OP that they hit faster than CDK mode.

It would not be cool to see everyone play elfs in siege or pvp.


Also people seems not to care so much about DR now.

Remove mage OP enter Elf OP.

Wash rinse repeat.


Lmfao classic…totally haven’t been saying this since the start

Also, tiered monsters basically made DR, which was the be-all-end-all stat, obsolete. Try going to Thebes for example. Take off 100-200 DR and see how little it matters.

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Hi Allison,

I think zaj’s intention is to make the mob able to kill players.

I am talkin about DR in reducing pvp damage only

Lol yea I know that. But if u wear 150dr or 450dr it’s nearly the same. Makes dr pretty useless

WIth tiered mobs, i definately notice DR even if i take off 30 DR