Dragon Knight not available to play?

Can’t seem to create a Dragon Knight male or female character. When I created both and log into the world, the model for the elf shows up - male/female. Is the dragon knight class disabled at this time? I tried restarting the client as well but still doesn’t work.

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that’s just the login buffs you get until lvl 65 I think, you are still DK though. should stop having elf poly after that.


Thanks for the reply. Yea, I found out after I leveled it. But for some reason I can’t cast skills like foe slayer in the crackdk poly. Is this a bug? Thank.

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I’ll look into this, should be able to fix it for you.

It looks like as it is now, Foe slayer seems to only work in pvp. I’m recoding it for the new client to work as it should.

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Thanks, that’s awesome. I should lvl up the DK.