Dragon Updates Fall-2016

#New Dragon Bracelets
Glowing Fire Bracelet - A bracelet forged in the fires of the lair of the great fire dragon.

Glowing Water Bracelet - A bracelet forged deep in the ocean where the pressures can crush those who are weak.

Glowing Earth Bracelet - A bracelet forged deep in the largest mountain beneath the depths of caves where darkness is so thick it can sufficate those who come un-prepared.

Glowing Wind Bracelet - A bracelet forged from the intricate and precise winds that can cut down even the toughest of warriors.

#New Dragon Masks
Valakas Circlet -

Antharas Circlet -

Fafurion Circlet -

Lindvior Circlet -

#Dragon Crafter Npcs
When an Epic Dragon is killed it will have a 50% chance to spawn an npc that can do many things, including:

  • Provide a reward that can be claimed once per day per dragon
  • Craft new Dragon masks
  • Craft new Dragon bracelets
  • Craft Epic dragon items
  • Craft Essences for using uncharged dragon weapons
  • Chance to open a portal to fight a legendary dragon raid.
  • Merge Soul Fragments into Soul Bottles

Maiden of the Winds -

Blacksmith of the Flames -

Enchanter of the Waves -

Scholar of the Grounds -

Soul Bottle Changes and New Items
Dragon and GM Soul bottles have new images they are now going to show up like this:

This is done to make them match the new dragon soul fragments:

Which are able to be joined when you have enough of them into a full bottle of dragon soul.

#Other Updates
Sky Crown now works even if it spawns after siege ends. This means if you are able to spawn the boss, before the siege ends, but can’t kill the boss you can still take the crown to trigger taking sky castle. Doing this will also reset the timer for the next siege.

A Fix for Resurrection stones has been implemented so that they properly prevent the delayed use.

Complete re-haul on Savior Apple, Bead and Resurrection Stone code. It should now no longer cause crashes 5 minutes after being resurrected. It also may remove the restart popup window automatically now.

Sky Castle set to begin every 6 hours instead of 3 due to event period ending for it

Reaper Mask Instructions added as a drop from Shinobi

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Also a ton of new materials for these new items, here is a screenshot showing all of the mats I made last night for this stuff: