Dragon Weapon Confusion

I’m pretty confused about the dragon weapons. I purchased Faf Scatterblaster and Essence of Fafurion to make it an Event + weapon. Leveled it to 30 using a combination of SXP and Dragon Scrolls.

Weeks later, I purchase Valakas’ Fang Knife as I’m having trouble hunting Easter Bunny due to the scattershot proc. I also purchase Essence of Valakas to make it an Event + weapon, and level it to 9 in SXP room.

Today when I log in, both weapons are showing as uncharged even when equipped. The scatterblaster , when equipped, reads “obtained Fafurion’s Blessing - X.” but does not list the proper bonuses when moused over. It does appear to be operating similarly to before today, and Fafurion’s Blessing buff is available to cast.

The Valakas Fang, however, is not operating the same. I cannot cast the Valakas buff, and the weapon remains uncharged when equipped, with no Valakas buff availablee.

So…how doe these weapons work and what is going on?

There is always one active dragon event, where the corresponding weapons are boosted to the normal X version stats when equipped. To check which dragon event it is currently, you can open your Codex, (with the button by the exp bar) then click on the Valhalla tab. At the top of the list is Misty the dragon merchant, it says which dragon event is active.

Currently Fafurion is the active dragon, and you didn’t need to use an essence to get the x version stats. It will say uncharged when its unequipped and not show any stats, it may also be bugged when you equip them when they are active, where it doesn’t shot the stats until you restart.
The other dragon weapons during this time have no active stats, unless you use an Essence for that dragon. The dragon essences only last 3 hours, the timer is paused when you log out. You wont get the X version stats or the blessing buff unless its activated with the dragon essences, or the event is active for that dragon.

Thank you for the excellent explanation. For 27 GC I did not expect the essence to be a temporary effect, I thought it was permanently upgrading to Event +. I am slowly learning that I can’t make assumptions of any kind of reasonableness where GC cost is concerned in this game.